Working for Dominos

When I was 19 years old, right after high school, I started working for Dominos. The interview was not long, just general questions about any work history I had, what available hours and if I had reliable transportation.

I was given the option to work in the store, making pizzas and answering the phone. They also gave me the option to deliver the orders. Knowing that I would probably make more money with tips including my salary I decided to be one of the drivers delivering pizza.

How much do you make delivering pizza? Well, I worked for minimum wage at $7.25 per hour, $1.00 per delivery charge and tips. Between tips and the delivery charges on a good day I could make $100. On a really busy weekend night I have made as much as $200.

Once I started working I was able to use my mother's Ford Explorer. It wasn't too bad on gas and had plenty of room if I had multiple orders to deliver. On an average day I would go into work at about 4pm, it wasn't too busy at that time.

Usually we would have 4-5 drivers because of the area that we covered. Until about 6pm we folded boxes, cleaned the back of the store and made sure any dished were washed and put away. The employees in the front focused on the orders and cooking so a lot of times the drivers would help out in the back.

It wasn't a bad job and it helped to pay what bills I did have at that age. I worked 20-25 hours per week. The actually checks were never more than about $150, but the rest I received in tips paid in cash by the customers.

I liked working for Dominos for the most part, except for when it was raining and freezing cold. We had customers that did not want to go out in that kind of weather. We didn't like it either but we always seemed to make the most tips though, so it definitely made up for it.

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