How old do you have to be to work at Subway

How old do you have to be to work at Subway? Are you looking for a job at this restaurant for the summer, after school, or on the weekends? What is the minimum age required for a teenager to work there? Read on to find out.

You have to be at least 15 years old in order to work for Subway restaurant. This may vary from state to state, and from owner to owner, but fifteen years old is the youngest age that this sandwich chain store will hire you.

You can fill out an application online or you can download an application, print it, fill it out, and take it with you when you go apply in person at the store near you. So you have two options.

I personally believe that applying in person gives you an edge, especially if you bring in your employment application and give it to the manager on duty during the shift that you actually want to work. That way you can turn on the charm and try to make a good impression, even if you both only have a one or two minute conversation or interaction with each other. On line is very impersonal, and unless you have experience, your name and information has a greater chance of getting passed over on their website.

What will you do working at Subway Restaurant

Here is an example of what some of your responsibilities will be if you did get a job at this sandwich store, as told by an ex-employee:

I worked at Subway twice, once as a teen and once as an adult. Both times, I would close the store. When customers were there, I would make subs, tend the register, and clean up the dining area.

I would also clean the whole store, clean the dishes, and inventory the food. I would put the food in the fridge at close, and clean the prep area. I would then count the drawers, clean the bathrooms, take out the trash, and take apart the soda dispenser. I had other duties, but that was the general stuff.

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