How old do you have to be to work at McDonalds

How old do you have to be to work at McDonalds restaurant? If you are searching for teen jobs for the summer, or part time after school, then I can help answer the question of what age you need to be in order to apply for jobs at Mickey D's.

The answer is, it depends on the state in which you are applying and your maturity level. I have called around to numerous franchises all over the United States and have gotten different answers. The absolute minimum age required to work at McDonalds is 14 years old.

Where do they hire teens this young? Mainly in the midwest area like and South Dakota, and the southwest in states like Texas. On the east coast and west coast I was told that 16 years old was the youngest that they would hire, and many responded with 18 years old being the minimum age.

You should know that even though this is a large billion dollar corporation, with locations in most countries in the world, many of the restaurants are owned by individuals who have paid the price and met the standards required in order to become a franchisee. So they have to make sure they do what is necessary in order to have a profitable business.

If you are lucky enough to get a call back from an online application that you have filled out then it is important for you to really shine during your interview. You have to show them that you are a mature, responsible teenager, that can handle themselves in difficult situations.

In the service industry they have a saying that goes, "the customer is always right". So, in addition to processing the food order requests properly and quickly, showing up to work on time and every day you are scheduled to be there, they also want to know you will treat their customers right.

Can you handle being yelled at, or someone speaking to you in an angry tone without you yelling or getting angry too? Fast food service can be a difficult place to work, but it can be fun too! So although you found this site by asking, "How old do you have to be to work at McDonalds?", we are going to let you hear from former employees about their work experience during the time they were employed by Mickey D's.

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