How old do you have to be to Work at an Apple Store

How old do you have to be to work at a Apple Store? If you love their products, are dying to find out if they get a discount, and you are a teenager looking for a job, then look no further. We can let you know at what age you could apply. This company produces some of the best and newest electronic technology introduced to the world today.

But at what age can you work there? You have to be at least 18 years old to work at an Apple store. This job is for serious teenagers and adults interested in technology, MAC, "i" products, and who also possess great customer service skills.

If you are a techie genius, but you are not a people person, then you will most likely not get hired. This may be your outcome even if you do have experience, pass the online evaluation, and the background check.

Company History and Info

The Apple Store has a number of retail locations owned by Apple Inc. that sells computers and other technological devices. Among them Personal computers like the Macbook laptop, and the iMac all in one desktop, they also feature Apple display screens in varying sizes and resolutions, Apple software, iPad tablets, iPods in varying colors and storage sizes and iPhones in black or white and different storage capacities.

This company also offers a large variety of accessories like hardware cases, headphones, speakers, chargers, backpacks, etc. and Apple prepaid cards that can be used in the Apple app store and to purchase music on iTunes. All stores offer free workshops to all customers on how to use their computers and a friendly staff at the Genius Bar for technical support and device repair.

Many of these stores are located in malls, but a few of them can be found as stand-alone locations in large cities like New York, Houston, London, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo. The first Apple store was opened on May 15, 2001 in Tyson’s corner center in Tyson’s corner, Virginia.

To work at the Apple Store, employees must be at least 18 old. When hired, employees are taught marketing techniques, to better satisfy a customer’s needs and questions. Throughout their career they learn to develop people skills that help them get promotions, or better jobs once they leave the company.

Benefits with Apple depend on the position, location and the amount of time spent working with the company but they may include tuition assistance, wellness programs, counseling, discounts on products, paid vacations and holidays, health and life insurance and employee stock purchase plans.

Their employees come from many different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds, as there are many locations all over the world. Workers participate in regular group meetings that help them advance skills and improve the overall well being of their store. To work at an Apple store you have to be intelligent and innovative and often go beyond expectations and you will be provided many learning opportunities. This and many more reasons make this a great place to work.

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