How old to work at Petco

How old do you have to be to work at Petco?  What is the earliest age you can work for this company if you are a teen animal lover? If you are thinking about applying for a job as a teen because you need money then this question is a valid one.  Let's look a little deeper.

Their mission since its inception has always been to provide quality pet supplies to professionals in the animal industry and the public at prices that are discounted. The company was first started by Walter Evans in 1965 as a mail-order animal care supplies business.

The very 1st retail store opened in 1976 in California. From there, they have grown to become a major retailer in 1988 when it acquired two pet supply chains, taking the total number of locations from 40 to 130 & adding expanding into three more states. By 1994 they had 218 stores across 13 states with sales of more than $189 million dollars. In 2005, they celebrated 40 years and in 2006 grew to 800 stores in 49 states with more than 18,000 hourly employees. Today there are more than 1,150 stores throughout the United State with greater than 22,000 hourly employees.

How old do you have to be to work at Petco? You must be 16 years old to work as a cashier & at least 18 years old or older to work anywhere else in the store.

The company offers competitive health benefits for Medical, Dental, & Vision as well as flexible spending accounts to help you save & manage finances for unplanned health emergencies. They also offer long term planning benefits such as a disability plan, life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, associate paid supplemental life & dependent life insurance.

When necessary, you can have Paid Time Off (PTO) if you are an hourly employee working twenty hours or more per week as well as assistance programs available in times of emergencies or financial crisis! Now that's big.

They will also help establish your financial future by offering a 401K plan where the company matches a percentage of your contributions. They offer associate discounts (up to 25% off), gym membership breaks, cut rate pet insurance, auto & home insurance rate cuts, as well as wireless plan discounts.

This company is very active in the US community through their non-profit program, the "Petco Foundation". This program offers free  field trips so that children can experience the fun of "Fur Feathers & Fins", their program designed to bring animals into the classroom while teaching children how to care for them. Details for local programs may be found on their website by clicking on the Community link.

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