Jobs for 16 Year Olds

What are some jobs for 16 year olds out there? Here are some summer jobs you may consider if you are a teenager. When I was sixteen years old I got the chance to work as a camp counselor at an overnight camp in the Pocono Mountains in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I was hired as a counselor in training.

I was not paid for the work I did that first year, but I did get tips from the parents of the kids that I was watching. My job consisted of taking care of a cabin of 9 and ten year old boys. There were about twenty kids per cabin and there were 3 counselors that worked with the kids.

My job consisted of taking the kids to the different activities and helping the kids participate in them. I got to do activities such as archery, go-carts, and rifelry. I was given one period off a day and all of the meals were included.

The camp was an eight week summer camp and they took several trips during July and August. I got to go to Hershey Park, Dorney Park and to see a concert during the first summer there. They also took a 3 day barnstorming trip to Busch Gardens - The Old Country.

During these trips I was responsible for 4 kids from my cabin. It was a great opportunity. I got the job through a friend of mine who had attended the over night program as a camper, but was hired as a counselor when he was old enough. I worked at the camp every year for the next 5 summers and enjoyed each and every one of them.

I loved working with the kids and the friendships that I formed with the other counselors at the overnight camp. We were given plenty of free time to enjoy ourselves and although the money was never very good (the most I made in a summer was around a $1,000), the experience more than made up for it.

I had one of the best jobs for 16 year olds you could have!

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