Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Finding summer jobs for 14 year olds or positions after school can be a difficult task. Teenagers your age are only allowed to make money working outside of the home for a certain number of hours, and only under safe conditions outlined by your local state government. How do you find out where to work at 14?

There are two types of employment for fourteen year olds: employment that requires a certificate validating your approval to work (working papers), and employment that doesn't require a work permit. This is the case whether you live in New York, Maryland, or Texas.

Jobs that require a work permit would be places like retail stores, office work, and fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, many of these places do not like to hire teenagers under the age of 16. This is the case whether you live in New York, Florida, Texas, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, or Texas. But don't worry, there are other ways to make money.

Create Your Own Babysitting Job

Much of the work that you can earn money from at your age will come from your local neighborhood. Do you like young kids, have you ever thought about watching kids? How do you find a babysitting job at 14 years old?

You are never to young to own your own business. That's right, you can work for yourself! Please discuss this with your parents first and get their approval. But, you could make up your own flyers right on your computer, and hand them out to your neighbors within a 5 to 10 block radius.

Actually ringing the bell/knocking on the door, introducing yourself, and presenting your offer will go much further than slipping a flyer in the mailbox or under the door. You can save your ink and paper by not giving a flyer to the households without young children.

If you were able to have a parent or guardian come along with you that would be even better. It would be safer to go along with an adult. They could also be your cheerleader and confirm that their little ones would be safe in your hands.

On the flyer list the hours which you are able to work, your experience watching children (ex. watching a little brother or sister for your parents). List your full name, address, phone number, and hourly rate.

List reasons someone might need a babysitter on your flyer:

- When is the last time you went to the movies?

- Pamper yourself, get your hair and nails done in peace.

- When is the last time you took a nap on a Saturday afternoon?

-Do you need someone to watch your children while you go holiday shopping?

Babysitting isn't the only jobs for 14 year olds, but it is one where you can be your own boss, in a sense. You have to think outside of the box. Do you have a talent such as cutting hair, doing nails, braiding hair, etc? People pay for these services. If you do a good job, why wouldn't they pay you?

Make Money Blogging

If you are reading this now you have probably heard of blogging. These are some great jobs for 14 year olds. Some define blogging as "web logging", and then you convert those two words into a contraction, thus the meaning of blogging.

You basically document and write about whatever you want to. The key to make money blogging is to write about things that hundreds of other people want to know about, talk about, and comment on themselves. This is one of the things that will drive people to your blog.

So how do you make any money once the people get there. There are many ways to make money blogging. One of the easiest ways to earn some cash would be to add Google Adsense to your blog. Adsense offers a content based, profit sharing type of advertising for free to you the publisher.

If someone comes to your site to read what you have to say on your blog, and then they click on a Google Adsense advertisement they found interesting, you get a percentage of the money the advertiser is paying to Google. It's that simple. These are just some of the jobs for 14 year olds that are available totally online.

Jobs for 14 year olds are not limited to working for an establishment. You can be an entreprenuer. Go for it!

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