If you are into gaming and need to make money as a teen then you may be looking in to Gamestop. What better place to find a job at the place you visit often, right? Well. how old do you have to be to work here?

To answer your question, you have to be at least 16 years old to work for Game Stop. This video game sales company has a unique corporate history which intimately links it to another major retailer - but not of games, of books! This company was originally known as Babbage's, a store based in Dallas, Texas. The first major merger occurred in 1994, when Babbage's merged with a company named Software Etc.

They began to do business as NeoStar retail, but the name was only functional - the companies still seemed to operate separately, eventually leading to a Chapter 11 reorganization. Before the company could be split, though, Leonard Riggio, the CEO of Barnes & Noble bookstore, offered to invest enough money in the company to prevent it from being split. Riggio expressed his distaste for the name NeoStar, and wished for the company to be renamed. They eventually merged with EB Games, bringing the company to what it is today.

This video game selling company hires applicants as long as they are 16, but associates cannot join the management team until they are 18. Uniquely, the company keeps applications in its database for two years, which is ideal for job seekers. Generally, this business is not active in the communities that it serves. They offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package. It includes major medical insurance, including dental and vision, as well as for prescriptions.

They provide paid holidays and sick days, as well as days for bereavement and jury duty. For those who want to further their education while they work, offers tuition reimbursement. And for those responsible, retirement-focused employees, and this company offers a 401(k) plan with matching contributions. And finally, the company offers the ideal benefit for employees: a 15% discount on all game merchandise. Sweet!

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