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Forever 21 can be a great place to work, especially if you love fashion, clothes, and people. But how old must you be to work for this retail store, and what will you be paid if you do get hired?

This establishment has a chain of retailers across the United States that was founded in 1984. The company originated in Los Angeles, California, and was originally named Fashion 2 1. Started by a Korean couple, this business was initially intended to serve middle-aged women but has since blossomed to all ages. By the end of the first year, sales had increased nearly 2000% since the store opened.

This company has received national attention for printing "John 3:16" on the bottom of their yellow bags which is a direct reference to the owners' Christian faith. As of 2011, there are nearly 500 stores located across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In 2006, they opened their largest store, considered its flagship, in Pasadena, California.

This store has a total of 40,000 square feet and is two levels high. Total revenue for the same year was 2.6 billion dollars with nearly 28,000 employees working for the company across all locations. This retailer is also known for having high fashion but "on a budget."

How old do you have to be to work at Forever 21? The minimum age an employee must be to be employed at this retailer is 16 years old.

Certain stores however require a work permit for individuals 16 years old, and typically have part time hours in the stores. They are known to look for workers who have a flair for fashion and are known to have a creative personality.

All work at this company is considered entry-level with no work experience necessary. There are many benefits offered here that are considered exceptional. These include healthcare coverage along with paid time off, including both holiday pay and sick pay. Financial benefits include 401(k) retirement plans.

Finally generous salary offerings are enabled to all employees of the company. They are quite active in promoting diversity in communities across the nation. Forever 2 1 has produced clothing lines where all profits go to various causes such as in 2009, 100% of profits from a particular t-shirt was donated to the Starlight Children's Foundation.

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