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What is the minimum age required to work at Dollar Tree? How much do you make per hour? Will they hire teens part time or in the summer? Can you make this in to a career? Let's find out.

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The owners of this company are the former owners of KK Toys which is now KB Toy Store. When the business first started back in 1986 and blossomed early 90's dollar stores were not quite as popular as they are now and they only had a few locations, some called Dollar Bills.

How old do you have to be to work at Dollar Tree Stores?

The minimum age required to work for this employer is 18. To be a manager or assistant manager you must have a high school diploma. Anything beyond that usually requires a college degree and going through their internal training at DTU (DollarTreeUniversity).

Dollar Tree has always prided itself on selling quality products in a clean and organized store. They are the reason dollar stores have become so popular and still are the preferred buying location of most people looking for a good discount on everyday items. The revolutionary idea of a clean, quality Dollar Store quickly set them apart from their competitors which had a lot of junk and usually messy disorganized cluttered stores.

The neatness and selection made them extremely popular for retirees and growing families. When my father joined the company he 15-20 stores in New York, Pennsylvania & New Jersey. As the company grew in popularity they're stock value and bottom line grew as well. They took over Dollar Express and cleaned them up and continued to open new locations. Now my father has 15-20 stores in one county.

There are about 4,500 stores nationwide of varying sizes. Some stores do so well there may be more than one Dollar Tree location in the same town. They are now a Fortune 500 company and multibillion dollar business, that's a lot of $1 products moving in and out of stores. Some locations make over $100,000 in a week, requiring almost constant stocking of product. Shipments come in during the middle of the night and staff arrives at 4 in the morning sometimes to unload trucks and stock shelves. So depending on your age, there is an opportunity for you to work part-time early mornings before school.

Dollar Tree Corporate Info

Corporate Headquarters

500 Volvo Parkway

Chesapeake, VA 23320

(757) 321-5000

Their stock is traded on NASDAQ under DLTR. When the economy crumbled, this discount store was one of the few companies whose profits and stock value increased! Now, if that does not scream out job security then I don't know what does.

This company is a well oiled machine. Employees are offered health, vision and dental insurance along with life insurance. They are also eligible for a 401k that matches 100% of the first 4% the employee invests per year. The stock options are only available to district and regional managers at this time.

There are many opportunities to move up within the chain and transfer to other stores when new positions open. I have not found any community involvement records but they demand superior customer service, I have been a secret shopper looking for that as a part time job myself.So this may not be the best job a teenager in high school but once you turn eighteen this could be the place to work for you.

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