Cashier at Publix

I was a cashier at Publix Supermarkets while I was in High School. My daily duties were relatively limited. Here is how a typical day would go while I was at work.

I would go in to the store at whatever time I was to begin, find a manager who would tell me what register I was assigned to, and then open up on that register. My job was then to slide items over a scanner, tell customers their total, make sure they paid the assigned amount, and then wish them a good day.

Other small duties that are assigned to cashiers include organizing the shelves after closing, putting items back in the proper place during store hours, and occasionally taking and doing the job of a bag boy when they are shorthanded.

Occasionally some light cleaning work needed to be done, and if the store was slow they would ask me to do it. How much does a cashier at Publix make? I was paid around $8.00 an hour, and during the first year, I received a $0.25 raise every 3 months. Also, I was paid a dollar more an hour on Sundays.

I did not have a car in high school so either my mother or father drove me to work, or I borrowed one of their cars. I began working their when I was 16 and worked there until I was 18 and beginning college. The job lasted about two years. I was also able to work at the same store when I was 19, during the summer after my first year of college was over.

I got the job because my sister had worked there before me while she was in high school and she was still friendly with the store manager. She went with me to fill out my application, and then introduced me to the store manager. I chose to apply in person rather than online. I feel you have a better chance of getting hired that way. My feelings were right. The manager gave me the job on the spot and I started a week or two after that.

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