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Are you able to work at BiLo at 14, 15 and 16 years old? Jobs at this grocery store may be possible. Teens wanting to make money here will get minimum age requirement and more details about this company.

This chain of grocery stores are located in the American southeast. The participating states, are Called Wren and Outlaw until 1963, Bi-Lo was founded by Frank L. Outlaw in 1961. For many years, it was owned by a Dutch grocery company, called Ahold.

Other such companies in the southern United States were bought by Ahold and renamed Bi-Lo stores, including Red Food Stores Inc and Bruno’s Supermarkets. But, in 2005, this group of stores were purchased by Lone Star Food. Around the same time, their generic product names were changed from Bi-Lo brand products to Southern Home products.

Soon after this they were placed up for sale once more in 2007, they were purchased by C&S Wholesale Grocers. In 2009, BiLo announced that they had filed for bankruptcy. The stores were expected to be split up and sold in many parts to other competing companies; however, the company emerged from bankruptcy before these plans could come to fruition. They celebrated their victory of bankruptcy by purchasing Winn-Dixie brand supermarkets for $530 million.

This company offers a giant range of benefits to their employees. The most important of these include medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as prescription coverage and a 401k investment. Auto and homeowners insurance are also available.

Workers are taken care of well with paid vacation and holidays and both long-term and short-term disability. Legal, accident, and critical illness insurance are also provided. Many jobs are available, from driving to cashiering, managing a store or chain to working in the deli. For teens, most positions would be in bagging, checking out, and stocking.

How old do you have to be to work at BiLo? 16 is the minimum age required in order to work here.

This company supports their community through a wide variety of events. They support non-for-profits in the area via funds raised and are very committed to giving back. Most importantly, they buy from in region farmers and other providers. Buying locally not only supports the economy in the surrounding neighborhoods, it’s one very important way to make sure food is healthy and stays fresh. Employees from cashiers to corporate positions are hired in state to further stimulate prosperity.

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