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Bath and Body works jobs for teens your age? Find out how old you have to be and how much you can make if you became an employee. This can be a great opportunity if you need seasonal, after school, or summer employment.

Everyone who has walked through a mall in the US has turned a corner and been hit by the smell of vanilla, cotton, apple and sweet pea, among others. Looking up, of course, you’ll see Bath and Body Works there in front of you. But the store has a lot more varied history than just that nice smelling corner of the local mall.

How old do you have to be to work for Bath and body Works? Like all of the Limited Brands stores, you have to be 18 years old to work for this company. Eligible employees get health, dental, disability, life insurance and tuition reimbursements, among other benefits. There are also healthcare, commuter benefits and the obligatory employee purchase discount.

Bath and Body Works History

bath bodyBath and Body Works in the Mall

This company was started in Ohio in 1990, and is one of the stores owned by Limited Brands. The original intention of the store was to bring spa level bath products into regular home use and availability, which is a goal they continue to succeed at. The first retail store was opened in Boston, MA this same year.

In the beginning, BBW (Bath & Body Works) built out their marketing with a “green” theme, using a green tree as a logo. This ended when the company was sued by The Body Shop (a British Company) in 1991. The suit was settled out of court, and BBW stopped using the green tree logo.

They have continued to grow since its opening, and has become a fixture at US malls with over 1650 locations. They have also introduced many new ideas to the mainstream market, including shower gels, fruit scented lotion, and “body splash”, an alternative to perfume. These are all considered normal these days, but weren’t at the time.

The corporation launched their website in 2006, and in November of that same year, they released their first television advertisement. In 2008, they acquired the La Senza stores and opened six locations in Canada, where their primary competition is The Body Shop, bringing back memories of their start.

BBW, as a part of Limited Brands, is highly concerned with corporate responsibility. With donations ranging from $1 million to the Red Cross in response to Hurricane Sandy to a vast range of education, community and other non-profits supported by the Limited Brands Foundation, this company goes out of its way to help take care of the people and community around it.

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